FAAWP1 and FAAWP2 Pages

These pages are used to view information related to FAA-defined waypoints. They consist of airports, fixes, localizers and navaids. Each page is independent (like NAV1/NAV2 radios) and can be used to select different waypoints. The history list is common to both however, so FAAWP2 can be used to select something that was in FAAWP1 a while ago and vice versa.

NOTE: If you click the FAAWP1 or FAAWP2 button and see a diagram or plate (secondary page), click the same button again to get back to the waypoint selection page (primary page).

Primary (selector) Secondary (plate)

  • Enter the identifier of the desired waypoint in the text box at the top and click the Find button.
    • You may also enter search words such as a city name.
    • Entering multiple words requires that the waypoint description contains all the words given in the search box.
    • The search is case-insensitive.
    • Only letters and numbers are searched, all other characters are treated as spaces separating words.
    • The first word given must be found whole, the other words may be partials.
  • You may also click one of the history buttons listed below the text box to get a recent waypoint. Long-click the button to delete it from the list.
  • The GoTo button will set the waypoint as the current destination and a line will be drawn from the airplane to the destination location on the Chart page.
  • The Locate button will center the moving map of the Chart page on the waypoint.
  • The RNAV button will allow entry of an RNAV-like offset from the current waypoint to create a new waypoint.
  • Description information for the waypoint will be displayed next.
  • Secondary pages are available for airports, provided the plates for the airport's state have been downloaded. Links will be shown to display plates for this airport, including: Clicking on the link will display the item as a secondary page.
  • Georeferencing will be provided for the APD, IAP and RWY diagrams, depicting the current airplane position provided it is within the area of the diagram.

  • Get to primary page by either clicking Android's Back button or the corresponding FAAWP1/2 button.