Maint Pages

These pages are used to download charts and data. There are several pages to select data from.

NOTE: When downloading plates, it will also read OpenStreetMap tiles in the background and it may take longer to load the tiles than the database itself. These tiles are used for the WairToNow runway diagrams that are useful when there is no FAA-supplied airport diagram for a particular airport. Internet connectivity is required for this process to complete, but it is OK if you disconnect before it completes as it will start back up automatically when you re-connect to the Internet.

NOTE: There is no download button for Street chart data. The OpenStreetMap tiles are downloaded as needed and so requires access to the Internet. You can preload the tiles by viewing the area ahead of time and WairToNow will save those tiles to flash for viewing later. Be sure to use various zoom levels when previewing so those levels will be available when no Internet access is available. The intent of the Street map is for walking or biking from an airport to a nearby "$100 hamburger" stand, not for long distances as needed for driving.