Waypt1 and Waypt2 Pages

These pages are used to view information related to database-defined waypoints. They consist of airports, fixes, localizers and navaids. Each page is independent (like NAV1/NAV2 radios) and can be used to select different waypoints. The history list is common to both however, so Waypt2 can be used to select something that was in Waypt1 a while ago and vice versa.

NOTE: If you click the Waypt1 or Waypt2 button and see a diagram or plate (secondary page), click the same button again to get back to the waypoint selection page (primary page).

Primary (selector) Secondary (plate)

  • Enter the identifier of the desired waypoint in the text box at the top and click the Find button.
    • You may also enter search words such as a city name.
    • Entering multiple words requires that the waypoint description contains all the words given in the search box.
    • The search is case-insensitive.
    • Only letters and numbers are searched, all other characters are treated as spaces separating words.
    • The first word given must be found whole, the other words may be partials.
    • It searches the FAA, OA, OFM databases depending on which databases are enabled on the Options page. Consequently, when searching for a particular waypoint, you may get duplicates if there is more than one database currently enabled. You must then choose which one you want from the presented menu.
  • You may also click one of the history buttons listed below the text box to get a recent waypoint. Long-click the button to delete it from the list.
  • The GoTo button will set the waypoint as the current destination and a line will be drawn from the airplane to the destination location on the Chart page.
  • The Locate button will center the moving map of the Chart page on the waypoint. If the screen goes black, it just means the waypoint is not on the current chart, so you must click the Chart button to select a different chart.
  • The RNAV button will allow entry of an RNAV-like offset from the current waypoint to create a new waypoint.
  • Description information for the waypoint will be displayed next.
  • Secondary pages are available for airports, provided the plates for the airport's state have been downloaded. Links will be shown to display plates for this airport, including: Clicking on the link will display the item as a secondary page.
  • Georeferencing will be provided for the APD, IAP and RWY diagrams, depicting the current airplane position provided it is within the area of the diagram.

  • Get to primary page by either clicking Android's Back button or the corresponding Waypt1/2 button.