Chart Page

This is the main moving map page.

NOTE: If you manually pan the display, the chart will fix in place and will not track movement of the airplane. The airplane will move but the chart will not. To re-engage tracking, click the Android menu button then click Re-center. The chart will move to maintain the airplane in the center of the display, the blue cross will be taken away and the information in the lower left corner cloud will be reduced to a minimum.

NOTE: The app dynamically constructs tiles for zoomed-out levels the first time the tiles are needed (to conserve flash space). Once constructed, they are retrieved from flash in the future for faster display. The delay can particularly be noticed on extreme zoom-out levels such as x 0.2. However the charts aren't particularly readable at those zoom-outs so they are of little practical use anyway.

The details of what appears in the lower left corner cloud may vary based on the current situation. At most, lines such as these will appear:

       6.79 nm
      011° Mag
        x 1
      015° Mag

TFRs will be shown on the chart if enabled with the TFR selection on the options page:

The information for the TFRs is derived from these online sources:

The chart selection menu contains a 3D View button which switches to a 3D format display:

The display can be panned and zoomed using one or two fingers. It can be switched back to the 2D format by clicking the 2D View button on the chart selection menu.